Jordan Friedman Interview – Reach Personal Branding Interview Series (first interview)

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Tense? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Losing sleep? Join the club: 80% recently surveyed by the American Psychological Association say they are seriously stressed by today’s economy, while nearly 30% blame the current financial crisis for keeping them up at night.

Stress, whether it’s from money worries, upcoming interviews, travel hassles or rocky relationships, almost always gets in the way of professional success and optimal health. And now is no time for more roadblocks! The great news is that the top strategies for busting stress, sharpening focus, and improving sleep are the same ones that increase productivity, strengthen teamwork, and get you noticed.

On May 21, 2009, listeners got a two-for-one when William Arruda talking with author, speaker, and trainer Jordan Friedman, a.k.a. The Stress Coach, about immediately applicable strategies that boost both professional and personal health.

Here’s what listeners learned in this teleseminar:

• The essential first steps toward reducing stress for greater success
• The connections between reducing stress and building your personal brand and value
• Specific strategies for preventing and weathering economy-related woes
• Tools to counter the stress of public speaking, confrontation, networking, and more
• Tips for dealing with second-hand stress (other people’s behavior that can be hazardous to your health)
• Workplace-wide stress reduction strategies
• How to keep the stress management going long after the teleseminar is over

Bio: Jordan Friedman, MPH knows something about stress. He went from being given 30 days to live to becoming a leading public health expert in stress management education. Jordan’s PBS-meets-MTV talks, training, and books have reduced stress for thousands including Harvard students, NYPD officers, Wall Street bankers, and even Federal prison inmates. He is the author of The Stress Manager’s Manual.

You may already know Jordan as the voice of ‘Alice,’ the first online source of straight-forward answers to stress, sex and other wellness questions on Columbia University’s acclaimed “Go Ask Alice” website. As longtime director of Columbia’s health education program, Jordan has penned hundreds of Internet and newspaper columns on everything from chronic procrastination to bedtime communication, and co-authored the popular Go Ask Alice Book Of Answers. Jordan studied stress physiology and control at the University of Maryland, earned his graduate degree in public health at NYU, and manages his own stress in New York City.

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Link: has details on Jordan Friedman’s speaker programs, one-to-one training, professional development resources, and free relaxation exercises on demand.

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