The world of work has changed forever. Your personal brand is your constant in an increasingly dynamic workplace.
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Why Personal Branding? from William Arruda on Vimeo.

Personal Branding – Why Personal Branding?

The world of work has changed forever. Your personal brand is your constant in an increasingly dynamic workplace.


9 Responses to “Personal Branding – Why Personal Branding?”

  1. Brander says:

    Simple yet powerful ideas. The only constant is change. So to be successful you need to not only be comfortable with change, you need to embrace it.Thank you.

  2. Enthusiast100 says:

    Well Done. Makes you think. This is scary and exciting at the same time.

  3. To further understand the reasons behind the new world of work also look at the latest work by Dan Pink and his new book Drive. This looks at motivation. Companies and businesses have been built and established around reward for work models – which are successful where the outcome is very focused and one dimensional.

    However Pink argues that in many cases those jobs are now being done faster by machines or cheaper somewhere else in the world (look at the figures in this slide presentation to know where many more of these jobs will be going.)

    The jobs remaining require more creative and sharper thinking that science has already proven are not motivated by reward, infact rewards and incentives dull the mind and narrow the thinking, making people less effective and productive.

    So business has to approach the new generations of workers differently – personal branding is one of those ways.

    See Dan Pink’s lecture at TED –

    Just my toonies worth.

  4. Jay says:

    Everyone who is in the workworld should watch this video. It makes you think and hopefully to take action. Too many people are complacent when it comes to their career – where they spend hte greatest part of their life. They just expect it will work out. The people who really focus on their career and are actively involved in managing will be successful in the workplace that is described in this video. Excellent work. Thank you.

  5. Suzette Fraser says:

    This is concise, yet fully loaded with useful information! An excellent motivational tool!

  6. Paul Hobson says:

    Wow…powerful…thanks for reinforcing the need for personal branding…I got on board last year and I am still behind but getting there…once I accepted and began to believe in my brand I landed my dream job after 10 months of unemployment…this after 25 years at 1 company!

  7. I think your point the recession is important, i was initially skeptical then I remember all the oil is running out, all the coal is running out,and lots of resources are running out. Another deeper recession is a possibility, build your personal brand, save our world. Choose Green as the colour of your brand.


  8. Yes personal branding has it’s value, at least on one level. But also focus on excelling at what you do. Doing this alone will mean that your personal brand will take care of itself. Drive is a great book as well, I’d also recommend FLIP.

    A little self plug… here are my latest thoughts on personal branding:

  9. Thanks Scott for your comments. I agree. Branding is all about focusing on excelling at what you do. Brands are built around what makes you exceptional. It’s not just about being visible, it’s about demonstrating value with everything you do.