Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting a video. We would love to feature your content. Please follow the guidelines below.

We accept videos that are:
–  On topic. Videos should be related to personal branding. After all, the site is called 😉
–  Valuable to our visitors. Please provide valuable advice or insights. We do not accept promotional videos or videos that sell products and services.
–  Newly produced. Please provide original content that has not been previously published.  And, ensure that you have the rights to all video/audio content.
–  High-quality.  That means good production quality with proper lighting, clear audio, etc.  Home videos with images of a messy house in the background aren’t valuable to our visitors and they won’t add value to your personal brand either 😉
–  Brief. We prefer videos that are between two and five minutes in length (that’s what our visitors want).  Please no videos longer than ten minutes.

If your video meets the above criteria send an email to Include:
–  A brief description of your video content (20 words or less)
–  A one-to-two sentence bio with appropriate link to your web site in standard Internet format
–  Embed code for your video (preferably from YouTube)
–  Email your submission, along with your complete contact information to

By submitting a video to us, you confirm that you have all rights to the content therein.  If we accept your video, we will send you an email and direct link to your video indicating when it will be published.  Because of the volume of submissions, we may not respond to video submissions we decline.  Thank you for understanding.

We reserve the right to decline any video submitted.

Thank you!