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Personal Clarity for Career Fulfillment by Personal Branding Strategist – Walter Akana

In this videoBIO, Career and Life Strategist, Walter Akana talks about gaining personal clarity and finding belonging in one’s brand community.

Walter is a Reach Certified Personal Branding and Online Identity Strategist, and Founder of Threshold Consulting. He works primarily with mid-career clients who want more control of their careers and lives. He is evangelist for social media and networking as a powerful way to accelerate connections and build community while enhancing one’s visibility and credibility. Follow Walter’s blog at:


6 Responses to “Personal Clarity for Career Fulfillment by Personal Branding Strategist – Walter Akana”

  1. I love the statement, “It’s your life. Own it.” That says it all. Great VideoBio.
    Valerie Sokolosky

  2. Love the video Walter, so on brand and your natural passion and concern for people comes across. Great job. Just my toonies worth

  3. Sue Brettell says:

    Excellent Walter, you’re so relaxed and natural! You make me wish videoBIO was in the UK.

  4. DaraBell says:

    Hi Sue,

    It is quite is easy to do. If you notice it is Vimeo. One can brand the video in several ways and add personalisation of your own. Find a site you like and have a friend record you. The only stumble is having something to say.

    Dara Bell

  5. Jane Chin says:

    Thanks Walter! I liked your statement about vision for the world and purpose in life as the beginning steps.

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