William Arruda provides personal branding tips and advice.
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Personal Branding and the Evolution of Work

To succeed in the new world of work, you need to build your personal brand. Personal branding is not just good career management. It is essential career management in the dynamic workplace of today. William Arruda provides personal branding tips and advice.


5 Responses to “Personal Branding and the Evolution of Work”

  1. Jesse Kedy says:

    Great post. I must agree that, on the whole, it’s much more about the value *You* create, as an individual nowadays. Developing your personal brand is important when representing a larger corporate brand, but it’s absolutely Essential to you for another reason. Creating and nurturing yourself as a subject matter expert will position you as a resource if, for example, you go to work for yourself (whether by design or not). I personally think that LinkedIn is a great place to start.

  2. sJLB007 says:

    This captures it in 4 minutes, everything that has changed in work and why it is good for all of us, companies and professionals.

  3. To read more on this subject Seth Godin’s book Linchpin really explains why 30 years in one company was so important to business success and how that is now changing.
    Just my toonies worth

  4. Jason says:

    The world of work has changed but few people actually act as if it is just the same as before.

  5. Jann says:

    Thanks William this clip is an excellent nugget for people serious about being in control of their career. Even a few reminders for me! I look forward to sharing this.