Ken Blanchard Interview – Reach Personal Branding Interview Series

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Leading at a Higher Level

If leaders are to build trust, credibility, and exceptional organizations, leading at a higher level is a must. For more than 30 years, Ken Blanchard has helped leaders and organizations become great – and stay great.

Ken Blanchard is the guest expert for the August 18, 2011 Reach Personal Branding Interview at noon EDT. Ken will discuss his best-selling book Leading at a Higher Level in an interactive, one-hour conversation with William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding.

In this interview, which will be recorded, you will learn:

  • How to go beyond the short term and zero in on the right target and vision
  • Tips to deliver legendary customer service and earn raving fans
  • Strategies to empower people and unleash their incredible potential
  • How to ground your leadership in humility and focus on the greater good

BIO: Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard has had an extraordinary impact on the day-to-day management of millions of people and companies. He is the author of several best-selling books, including The One Minute Manager®, Leadership and the One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, and Gung Ho!

His books have combined sales of nearly 20 million copies in more than 27 languages. In 2005, Ken was inducted into Amazon’s Hall of Fame as one of the top 25 best-selling authors of all time.

Ken is the chief spiritual officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and consulting firm based in San Diego, California. The College of Business at Grand Canyon University bears his name.


Handout: Reach Interview Series Handout for August 2011.

You can download the audio here.

Key Takeaways for August 2011

  1. Leadership is about going somewhere. If you and your people do not know where you are going, your leadership does not matter.
  2. Great organizations have a deep and noble sense of purpose – a significant purpose – that inspires excitement and commitment.
  3. Leadership is not something you do to people; instead, it is something you do with people.
  4. Of all the keys in the One Minute Manager®, one minute praisings are the most powerful.
  5. People with humility do not think less of themselves; they just think about themselves less.

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  1. Roman says:

    Janahi ramanMy strong feielng is leaders are only made. this is true because all ideas cannot work in execution. So the wrong and right ones are only learn t using common sense, This experience cannot come through genes/hereditery/by birth. May be the rate of learning can be fast, can be at different stages in some people s life.For eg: during the child hood they are taught to be bold braver, doubt free, fearless etc, but that does not mean they are born leaders. Also from the spiritual sense the Mind is a like a muscle and keep expanding in the direction we keep thinking. If this is true then Born leaders are not real born leaders, but we can say that they acquire enough leadership during the early stages of their life compared to learn leaders.

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