THE CONFIDENCE FACTOR: Etiquette for Success in the Job Search and Business Relations
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Elizabeth Craig Interview – Reach Personal Branding Interview Series

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Etiquette for Success in the Job Search and Business Relations

Often underrated as common sense and thus unnecessary, etiquette plays a major role in the confidence level of job seekers and business professionals and their perceived level of competence in the business world today. How employees handle themselves on the job is important for their career success and provides their employer with satisfied clients and repeat customers. Like it or not, observers equate good manners at the workplace with competence in business and sloppy manners with lack of ability. In the current competitive global economy, front line business professionals may be the customers’ only contact with the company. Therefore, they must seize every opportunity to favorably distinguish themselves and their employers from the competition.

  • Learn how easy it is to make correct choices in workplace etiquette and ensure confidence and professional competence.
  • Understand the who, what, when, where, and why of the all-important handshake, nametags, introductions, and thank you notes.
  • Master the six steps of delegation, whether you are the person doing the delegating or if you are the delagatee.
  • Learn tips, techniques and answers to business and professional situations encountered in daily working life.

  • BIO: Elizabeth Craig, MBA, Master Career Development Professional (MCDP), Internationally Certified Career and Job Search Strategist

    Author of “Don’t Slurp Your Soup, A Basic Guide to Business Etiquette,” selected as the Midwest Book Awards, “Best Business Book.” Honored as a National Career Development Association Outstanding Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) in 2009.

    President, ELC Global LLC, a career and lifework consultancy firm dedicated for more than twenty years to assisting individuals and organizations in reaching their highest levels of success. Elizabeth is a multi-talented businesswoman and expert career strategist whose natural gift in life is to help others achieve their optimal career happiness! She is considered by professional colleagues and private clients to be a master in the field of career services, guidance, counseling, and development. She is actively involved in The Purpose Project, Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota and award-winning Working on Purpose facilitator. Elizabeth has appeared on television and often in the media. She has developed and presented courses and programs for Professional and Executive Education Courses, as an Invited Executive to universities, professional organizations, and for worldwide corporations. She has a B.S. in Education and Human Development from the University of Minnesota, and M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.


    For more information on Elizabeth Craig and her services, go to:

    Learn about the book, “Don’t Slurp Your Soup, A Basic Guide to Business Etiquette”, and where to purchase: Click on Business Etiquette.

    FREE white paper, “Learning the ABCs of Workplace Etiquette.” Covers the Top 5 etiquette basics you need to be competent in to land the job offer or business deal.

    Handout: Reach Personal Branding Interview Handout January 2010


    4 Responses to “Elizabeth Craig Interview – Reach Personal Branding Interview Series”

    1. Elizabeth,
      I really enjoyed your talk/interview today. I plan to share my notes with several friends who are also in transition and encourage them to visit your site. (

      Your endorsement of my suggestion about having my own name tag made was greatly appreciated. I was surprised and pleased to hear you refer to Washington’s writings on civility/ettiquette at the beginning of your talk. A friend of mine wrote a book about Washington’s writings on the topic. I look forward to pickiing up a copy of your book sometime. Thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learned. Injoy the day! Bruce

    2. Denny says:


      Your comments and suggestions are invaluable. I like the way you incorporate etiquette and good manners with branding to help others feel comfortable and help us stand out.

      My favorite part of your interview was when you covered the two most underutilized, yet powerful phrases. 1) Thank you 2) I apologize. These are important and I’ve incorporated your ideas into my life.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom and expertise.


    3. Susan Berg says:

      I can vouch for the impact of a strong thank you note. In the 21st Century it makes a lasting impact on anyone who receives it. Whether in a work environment or personal, people REMEMBER! And this is what counts. My daughter got married three weeks ago, and wrote her thank you notes the following week. Here is what one grateful, impressed attendee wrote:

      “Wow!!!! I am most impressed with the speed of the thank you note, as well as the sincere and personal manner in which it was written. Sean and Kirstin should teach a class on “How to Write the Ultimate Thank You Note That Will Impress Your Parents’ Friends” Theirs was far and away the best I’ve seen in ages. You have raised your kids well!!!”

      Anyone who remembers you like that will think of you when you need help with your career. Etiquette does, indeed, count.

    4. Deb Scott says:

      Thank YOU Elizabeth!

      I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from your insight and this replay.

      I’m sharing this call, and your website -another fantastic resource!