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Build Trust with Audiences of One to One Thousand:

How to Communicate Authentically and Charismatically

What does the latest brain research tell us about how we communicate? It turns out that much of the common-sense beliefs we hold about communication are wrong. In this May 2010 Reach Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda and guest expert Dr. Nick Morgan, you will learn how to “show up” in your business meetings and presentations with authenticity and charisma, and become a more effective communicator. Dr. Morgan will discuss:

  • The single most important communication issue for people in all walks of life today.
  • Recent brain research that has changed the way we understand communications.
  • The 4 steps to authenticity and charisma.
  • Why people need charisma more than ever today to stand out.
  • The top 3 secrets to becoming more charismatic.
  • Why non-verbal communications is far more important than most people realize.


Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches and an internationally known public speaker. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas, and then delivering them with panache. Nick has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents, and has worked widely with political and educational leaders. He has coached individuals to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show, and to take on the investment community.

Nick’s methods, which are well-known for challenging conventional thinking, have been published worldwide. His acclaimed book on public speaking, Working the Room, was published by Harvard in 2003 and reprinted in paperback in 2005 as Give Your Speech, Change the World. His new book on authentic communications, Trust Me, was published by Jossey-Bass in January 2009.

Nick served as editor of the Harvard Management Communication Letter from 1998 – 2003, and he is a former Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Nick’s communications consulting company, Public Words Inc., was founded in 1997.


  • This site has all the information you need about the book Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma, including a FREE chapter to download.
  • This site is crammed with useful information on public speaking, communications as well as reviews and video of famous speakers.


Reach Personal Branding Interview Handout for May 2010

Top 5 Tips

  1. People make up their minds about you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Here’s the kicker: it’s an unconscious decision. They have already decided how they feel about you, but they do not know it yet.
  2. Most people get nervous delivering speeches. Even thinking about delivering speeches makes people sweat. Unfortunately, they unconsciously communicate that nervousness to the audience, and the audience reads it as an attack, again unconsciously.
  3. Once an audience believes it is under attack, it stops listening and prepares (unconsciously) for flight.
  4. Most presentations fail because the speaker presents information to the audience in a way that unintentionally ensures it will be instantly forgotten. Here is the surprising alternative: by changing a few sentences at the beginning of your talk, you can increase audience retention by four or five-fold.
  5. To increase your charisma, focus on a single emotion that you feel about your content or the person you’re meeting, for three minutes before the beginning of your meeting, speech, or presentation.
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  1. Showing up is so key, yet we all tend to forget that just as we are about to speak and focus more on the concerns we have about the meeting or presentation. Some food for thought. Just my toonies worth.