Ditch. Dare. Do! – 3D Personal Branding

Ditch. Dare. Do! is the quick-start guide and deep-dive instruction manual every executive and employer needs to leverage the power of personal branding—increasingly recognized as a must-have skill in every executive and employer tool kit.

Personal branding provides the sense of stability, empowerment, value-creation, and recognition critical to success in an increasingly volatile marketplace, and Ditch. Dare. Do! is the definitive (and irreverent) career and corporate success guide for defining, aligning, and living the power of brand!

Ditch. Dare. Do! challenges long-held assumptions and habits, daring you with a ‘ditch’ (a mindset that must be shattered), a ‘dare’ (a challenge to up your game), or a ‘do’ (a critical action you must accomplish to ensure success). Take on these challenges to advance your career, support the corporate brand, and deliver greater value to your team and your company.

For People with the Attention Span of a Toddler (like William!)

Acknowledging the impact of Web 2.0, texting, Twitter, and the perennial distractions of multi-tasking, Ditch. Dare. Do! is deliberately bold and brief—a series of powerful stand-alone two-page vignettes (we call them snaps) of relevant, actionable, fun and fast tips covering all aspects of personal branding.

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