Dan Rust– Reach Personal Branding Interview Series


Workplace Poker –

Are you playing the career game to win or are you getting played?


On April 28, 2016 William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding, will interview Dan Rust.

Building on topics discussed in his just released book “Workplace Poker”, Dan  will provide real world examples and proven techniques to boost your career trajectory. He will focus on enhancing your personal brand and promote-ability in your current job while also increasing your credibility with prospective employers and improving the likelihood that you will win the battle for the best jobs.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How to identify your career “blind spots” and understand how they’ve been holding you back
  • How to read people, assess corporate culture, and use the insight to boost your career trajectory
  • How to make self-promotion comfortable and effective.
  • How to develop a social media strategy for career acceleration
  • The most common career-limiting errors
  • How to think through your big career decisions, and avoid costly mistakes
  • How to recover quickly from career setbacks


BIO: Dan Rust

DanRust.headshot.jpgDan Rust is the founder of Frontline Learning, an international publisher of corporate training resources. His award-winning keynote speeches and workshops focus on employee engagement, productivity and career management. For more than 20 years Dan has been writing and speaking on a variety of career management topics. His blog at workplacepoker.com focuses on ideas, skills and practical strategies to help you accelerate your career trajectory. His corporate training clients have included GE, Apple, Starbucks, Saudi Aramco and Disney Interactive. Massachusetts. Find out more about Dan at DanRust.com.



Download the handout for this call:http://360rea.ch/1oSsVWT




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