Commercial Break – Apple: I’m a Mac

I love this commercial because: It pokes fun at a competitor’s weakness – and most people who know me know that I am an Apple brand ambassador! This ad and the others in the series hit Microsoft so hard (BTW, I am a Microsoft fan as well) that they created their own series of ads rebuking Apple’s claims.

This ad and YOUR personal brand: While I think it’s most important to tout your own strengths and what makes you exceptional, when it makes sense, it’s valuable to demonstrate your differentiation by highlighting a glaring weakness in a competitor. What do you do that your competitors can’t?


2 Responses to “Commercial Break – Apple: I’m a Mac”

  1. Sue Brettell says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the adverts that make me laugh are the ones I remember best. Sometimes it’s wry humor, sometimes more obvious. This is hilarious because of the unexpected ending.

    In over 20 years of being an Apple user I’ve only had one hardware problem, which Apple fixed quickly and efficiently, and very few system problems, which I was able to easily fix myself. No viruses at all. How many PC users can say that?

    It relates to what I do too. Some designers charge little for their services, but usually it shows. Often their clients are forced to spend extra money somewhere down the line to improve poor design or even to start over. It is worth spending more to achieve a truly professional result that will enhance your personal brand.
    Sue 🙂

  2. These two characters must be one of the longer running themes for a company’s advertising – at least currently. Apple have found a formula, it works, gets great response we are assuming – certainly you never seem to get tired.

    Also this is very on brand for the ‘rebel’ feel of Apple versus the Bill Gates lookalike.

    Even when Windows 7 came out and looked to be much more promising Apple was able to take the weakness of previous failures and come up with the punch line of “trust me”.

    If they end up signing a deal with Microsoft on using Bing as the iPhone search engine will these ads carry as much punch?

    Just my toonies worth